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Team up with a LifeWellness Coach

Live Life Now

What's Next...

Hi, I'm Coach Rita

I would love to partner with you to help you clarify and make a plan for creating what’s next. 


We work together so that you may align your values, unique gifts, and dreams to live a satisfying, joy-filled life.


              I am committed to your success!

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Do you want a life that connects your core values and dreams so you fully show up and shine, centered in your true authentic self?  
Do you want to live a life full of activities that make you lose track of time and feel free?

What will it take for you to love your life?

As your Coach I can help you...

  • Be still and breath

  • Get moving after a setback

  • Thrive after surviving

  • Make small tweaks or big changes

  • Accomplish Bucket List dreams

  • Be Well in all areas of life

  • Do the happy thing Now, and more...

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Life wellness coaching is an enjoyable
approach to the change you want!

Accountability  Encouragement  
Awareness     Transformation     Support

Under Water

Ready to explore your options?

  • What coaching is all about

  • What you are looking for now

  • Cover the coaching process and fees

  • Happy to answer any questions you have

Schedule your 45-minute complimentary
coaching session to discuss:

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